Don’t be racist

Never judge anyone for skin color, because there are lot of darky people who are more successful than you in business and money. So, skin colour, human body, earth and animals are given by God and you should respect them. Respect Racist

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Yes, this pic said truth. Marriage isn’t important but career is really important. You and your family member should understand the value of career. Career gives us peace, money and it helps us to lead the right path. Education

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Depression (major depressive disorder) is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act. Sometime, depression can be cause for completely mad. Its really common illness, even I also had depression about study and friends, now its cured automatically without any help. For many […]

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Daily life

Electricity is a kind of phenomenon which can’t be seen but can be sense. And, unit of voltage, current and resistance are volt, amp and ohm. Measurement are voltmeter, ammeter and ohmeter. And so on. – I’m studying electricity subject because tomorrow have model exam of electricity. BTW, I have completed O level and A […]

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Today I’ll tell you about myself. Let start.. Name – Fariha Zahin. Religion – Islam. Date of birth – 1 August 1996. Country – Bangladesh. Nationality – Bangladeshi. Language – Bangla and English. Study – Architect. School – Saheen English Medium School. University – SAIC Institute of Technology and Management (English & bangla medium). Hobby […]

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